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DIY Jute Pots For Your Houseplants

Hi there!

Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago and my sweet hunny who knows me so well bought me some new plants 😍. And of course when I was buying my hunny his Valentine’s Day gift, I bought me some new plants too! Five new plants and three that need a new pot, eek I sense some DIYing in my future!!!

Succulents, Cactus, Bromeliads, Roses, Houseplants, Valentine's Gifts
My beautiful Valentine’s plants!

Fast forward three days and I’ve got to get my new babies potted. On Valentine’s Day I made a cake for the kiddos, epic fail by the way! The cake ripped in half on its way out of the bundt pan. After I tried, and failed, to revive the cake with my Betty Crocker icing, I thought to myself β€œI better keep this container, it’s the perfect size for a small succulent.”

Jute Pot, DIY, Jute, Houseplants

Now that I have said succulent it’s time to make that icing container plant worthy. While drinking my morning coffee it struck me, jute! It’s not the first time I have transformed a pot with jute. I turned a hideously coloured pot into this little beauty.


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All you’ll need for this simple project is:

You’ll notice that the jute will change thickness throughout the roll, so it won’t go on evenly around the pot. To keep your pot looking its best, start gluing the jute from the top down. This way any unevenness will be at the bottom and can be easily hidden or patched inconspicuously.

While gluing you will want to keep the rows as tight as possible to avoid large bare spots filled with glue. Push the twine as close together as possible, don’t worry about the glue that oozes out, you’ll be able to remove it later.

Jute Partial Wrap.jpg

Like I said earlier, because the jute is uneven when you make it to the bottom of your pot one side may be perfect but the other may have a little gap. If you don’t end perfectly even all around and have run out of room keep wrapping the jute to the bare spot, not to worry, you can absolutely cut your twine and finish off one side and patch the other.

Jute Pot, Jute, Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Succulent, DIY Pot, Upcycle, Repurpose

Once you’ve completed wrapping your pot you will want to remove an excess dried glue. Dried hot glue comes off very easily, just it pick off with your fingernail. Don’t worry about any spots where you can see glue between the rows, unless someone picks it up and inspects your pot, it won’t be noticeable in its new home with a lovely plant in it!

Jute Pot, Succulent, DIY, Jute, Houseplants
The finished product!

I hope you enjoy your new pot!

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