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Welcome To Our Home

Authentically Amy, My Family, Welcome To Our Home

Hi there!


Welcome to Our Home! Our teeny tiny town house in the suburbs of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. While it may be small, for us this was a much needed upgrade. We were two adults, a seven and two year old in a 800 square foot, two bedroom condo. Now we didn’t gain a whole lot of living space, but those few hundred extra square feet and two additional floors, to separate us, sure did make us more comfortable!

Authentically Amy
Our little house. Don’t mind the horrible picture quality, this was the only picture I could find of the exterior of our house, and we’re currently waist deep in snow!

Now it’s been a few years since our move, five to be exact, but honestly if you walked into our house right now you would think we just moved in. It’s a barren wasteland! The only things on our walls are two shelves above our couch and a family photo hanging in the hallway upstairs, oh and the $4 wall art from Dollarama that I refinished. I don’t know how I have survived in this empty echoey shell of a home! I absolutely love to decorate and create, so the last five years have been difficult.



Authentically Amy, Wall Decor, Refinished, DIY
This is the $4 Dollarama wall decor I refinished for our bedroom.

When we bought the house we knew there were upgrades to be done and paint colours to change, but honestly, we just didn’t have it in us. We had lived through a complete renovation of our condo. My husband Jason and I redid all the flooring, tile in the kitchen and laminate throughout the living, dining, and bedrooms. We put in all new moulding and a backsplash in the kitchen. Then we painted every room. All this with two small children in 800 square feet, we were completely exhausted and couldn’t even fathom starting it all over again.

The first few years were really tight and we had already decided to put a pause on any home improvement but once that passed I was eager to get decorating. Here came my biggest challenge yet, MY HUSBAND!!! OMG we couldn’t agree on a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! There were some fights, there was some silent treatment and then I gave up. That was until I couldn’t take it anymore. I told Jay that I just  needed to start doing things, painting decorating…anything!

So, we started with paint, as this seemed to be the only thing we could agree on. Now I feel like I have got my mojo back and I have a bunch of things I want to do:

  • Update our dining space (I won’t call it a room because it’s tiny)
  • Decorate our foyer
  • Make a shoe cabinet for the foyer
  • Install a shelf in the kitchen
  • Organize the kitchen sideboard
  • Install a wall of shelves in our bedroom
  • Make a blanket ladder for our bedroom
  • Decorate our bedroom
  • Update the main floor bathroom
  • Paint the basement
  • Make built-ins in the basement
  • Remodel main bathroom
  • Install all new flooring throughout the house

Okay, okay I literally could go on forever, so let’s stop there. These are just some of the big things that are at the top of my mind right now. I know some of these things like all new floors is going to be one of those “Yeah, one day hunny” projects, and if we are being real, (cover your eyes) I think I might actually pay someone to do them. Truth be told, my husband can drag a project out fooooorever! Ask my dining room table top that has been sitting on my living room floor since Christmas break (we are now in February) or the hole in the wall going down my basement stairs that was with us for almost two years (p.s. it still hasn’t been properly fixed). Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and he can be extremely helpful, but on his time! I really need to get more familiar with power tools – new goal for 2018!

Table Top, Reclaimed Wood, DIY, Dining Room Table
Sasha getting cozy with the new fixture on our living room floor! Hopefully one day this will be the table top of our dining room table.

Well that’s a big list, I better get started! Can’t wait to share my projects with you!

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