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The Plant Life

Hi there!

Saturday is my project day and I’m at a standstill. Everything I’m working on needs to be painted, but it’s still the dead of winter around here and my only workshop is our garage and it’s way too cold out there for paint to cure. So I’ll have to pause the brackets for my reclaimed shelves, my repurposed piano lid shelf, and my dining room table and chairs 😭.

So this Saturday was a plant day. I made a trip to my local Canadian Tire to see if they had a Pothos, but no such luck! They didn’t have anything cute either, and it doesn’t take much for me to buy a new plant lol! Just not my day I guess.

I had a few cute pots laying around that I have been dying to get plants in so I decided to do some repotting instead. I had a little terrarium with a couple cactuses and a succulent that I just wasn’t feeling anymore and succulent that had outgrown its pot.


I had bought a little seed starter from Chapters at Christmas time for a stocking stuffer and either I did a horrible job watering it, quite possible, or the seeds were dead. It was a cute little cube and my Golden Barrel Cactus was the perfect fit. Doesn’t it look cute!

Cactus, Cacti, ECOCube, Repurposed, Wood, Terracotta
My Golden Barrel Cactus repotted in my repurposed ECOCube.

I found an adorable owl planter at the dollar store last week and I have been thinking that my Candelabra Cactus would look perfect in it. Owls and cactuses, two of my favorite things!

Cactus, Owl, Plants, Candelabra Cactus, Repotting
My Candelabra Cactus in my new owl pot.

Next up was my Black Gem. It has outgrown my favorite repurposed pot, the chipped Your Coffee mug pictured above. These guys like to be in a tight pot so I repotted it in only a slightly bigger pot. I bought this one at the dollar store too. It really is a great place for inexpensive pots if you are looking to grow your plant collection.

Succulent, Black Gem, Repotted, House Plants
My repotted Black Gem Succulent.

That left my Pincushion Peperomia and it was the perfect size for my coffee mug, which I couldn’t bare the thought of being plantless! I’m hoping this little guy does a little better on its own, I think it needs a little more water than it’s old housemates. We’ll see, even though succulents are apparently easy to care for, I kill quite a lot of them!

Succulent, Coffee Mug, Repurposed, Pincushion Peperomia
My Pincushion Peperomia in my favorite repurposed coffee mug.

I’m loving how they all look in their new homes. Fingers crossed that I keep them all alive!Repotted, Repurposed, Plants, House Plants, Cactus, Succulents,I hope it warms up soon so I can get out and start painting or all you’re going to be reading about are my plants and pots, like the macrame plant holder I made the other day.

Well it’s the last day of March Break and my big is at his dad’s, my small is at his friend’s, and hubby is working so I think I’ll have a coffee and relax.

Happy Sunday!

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