Macrame, Plant Holder, Succulent, Jute

Macrame Plant Holder

Hi there!
I was recently checking out some workshops at Freewheeling Craft and signed up for the Kick-butt Kokedama ball workshop by @terravelta. The lineup of workshops got me inspired to try my hand at a macrame plant hanger.

DIY, Macrame, Succulent, Plant Holder

I would have loved to make this post a tutorial but apparently I will need to refine my macrame skills! πŸ˜‚ My next workshop will have to be macrame.

I didn’t have any cord so I used jute. I used a finer gage, the thicker the gage the harder it is to knot. I also repurposed an old tarnished bracelet instead of a wood or keychain ring. I like the large ring, think it added a nice bit of character to my plant hanger.

Jute, Hemp, Supplies, Scissors, Bracelet, Repurposed

There are plenty of tutorials on Pinterest but I couldn’t seem to follow any, so I found the simplest knot I could, a spiral knot, and went with it! I made my own design, a few inches down I did a few spiral knots on each of my four strand sets. Then a few more inches down I tied a basic knot, then about two inches lower I tied one string from each strand set with one from another to join them all together. At this point I put my pot in to figure out where to tie it off and that was pretty much it! VoilΓ !

Macrame, Plant, Succulent, Plant Holder, DIY, Jute
My first attempt at a macrame plant holder.

Next time around I think I would buy some cord, I find you don’t really see all the details of your knots with the jute.

Macrame is making a comeback, you should totally give it a try or sign up for a workshop at Freewheeling Craft.

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