DIYs, Plants, Workshops and more…

Wow I’ve been busy! I’ve been doing little projects here and there. Here’s a little bit about what I’ve been up to.

My never ending shelf project has hit so many bumps along the road I was starting to think I would never get them done, but we are almost there! I finally got all the brackets and screw heads painted so all we need to do now is figure out where studs are and get them installed!!

Last weekend I went to Freewheeling Craft, an amazing little Indie Popup full of amazing pieces from local makers. They have added a workshop and offer a great variety of workshops by many of the makers that have their work on display. If you haven’t been, check it out. A girlfriend and I signed up for a Kokedama Ball workshop by Terra Velta, it was so awesome I bought a kit to make another one. They both turned out great, check them out.

Kokedama, Kokedama Balls, DIY, Jute, Miss, Monstera, Hoya
My beautiful Kokedama Balls.

I also made a cactus string art piece. I’ve been wanting to do another one for a while and when I stumbled on the piece of wood in the garage I knew it was the piece and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I sketched out the design and got to work.

Cactus, String Art, Repurposed, DIY
My beautiful cactus string art!

On my third trip to Home Depot for screws for the shelves, don’t ask, I came home with two new plant!! So I had some potting to do, which got me thinking about my ZZ plant which has needed a pot upgrade for a while now. It was already in a big enough pot but I potted it in a smaller pot inside the big pot because I couldn’t figure out how to plug the big hole in the bottom.

Now it was bursting out of the pot so I couldn’t leave it any longer. Conveniently, my husband had just brought home a bag of mortar he had leftover from a job, so I mixed some up and filled it up.

ZZ Plant, repotting,
My ZZ plant all repotted with the hole plugged.

I finally got a coat of shellac onto the shelf I have been refinishing and I have a barstool makeover to reveal to you soon. I’ve been so busy making I’ve had no time for writing! Don’t worry I’ll get everything posted… eventually!

Happy Easter!

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