DIY Chalk Paint Barstool Makeover

Hi there!
This chalk paint stool makeover was a long time in the making. I started this project back in December, long before I decided to start blogging, so unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture. We had recently painted our bedroom, thank God, it was a hideous tan colour with a cinnamon (dirty diaper coloured) accent wall. I can’t believe I actually lived with it for 5 years! So with freshly painted walls I thought no better time than the present to start decorating, and so started the Pinteresting!
I have a corner in my bedroom with a chair and nothing else. In my search I saw picture of a chair in the corner with a barstool beside it used as a side table. I thought it was cute idea and we had a barstool just sitting on a shelf in my garage, a perfect opportunity to try out chalk paint. Can you believe that I had never used chalk paint before!

When I pulled the stool out to clean up, I quickly realized that it wasn’t a regular barstool, it was much shorter and looked handmade…so cool! I loved it even more now, it would be a unique handmade upcycled piece.
Given the price of chalk paint I did some research on the Rustoleum ‘Chalked’ spray paint and saw some really good reviews so I picked up a can of Linen White at my local Home Depot for $10.97.
So…pretty much all paint is supposed to be used between 10° and 35°C and in the dead of a Canadian Winter, in my garage, that’s not going to happen! In the Winter I typically paint quickly and move my project into a bathroom with the exhaust fan on. Well, let’s just say that spray paint did not agree with my plan!!



There was no chalky texture, the paint was running and dripping everywhere, nooooo! I think it was just way too cold for the paint to even make it out of the can. Needless to say, this put a halt on the project. Fast forward three months we finally have warmer weather, not quite 10° but close enough to remind me to get back to this project.
In the end it didn’t really matter what the temperature was, I ended up buying a small 887 mL can, which can be applied inside because it doesn’t have the intense fumes that spray paint has. Wow this stuff is expensive but man is it ever great to not have to strip stain and sand. I guess the price is worth it.

I was hoping to only have to do one coat, as I already had a coat of the spray. Even with one coat of the spray and one coat of the brush on, you could still see some wood poking through. I stopped with two coats of the brush on paint even though I felt there were some spots that required another coat. Then again, it could have just been the lighting, as I think the final piece looks great!

The stool with two coats of Rustoleum Chalked paint in Linen White.

I didn’t do any sanding to get rid of the brush strokes, as I wanted it to keep the handmade look. I did coat it with two layers of polyacrylic, in a satin finish.
Guys, I love it! My little nook in the corner is on its way to becoming a cozy little corner for me to work and enjoy the afternoon sun.
I am so glad I finally tried chalk paint because this is going to make my dining room table and chairs a heck of a lot easier!

DIY, chalk paint, makeover, side table, upcycled, repurposed
My little corner with my new side table.

Hope you enjoyed this makeover and are inspired to try out chalk paint. If ever you had been too intimidated by the thought of all the stripping and sanding, this absolutely takes all that work away. Go for it!
Happy Easter! I hope you all got some time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

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