DIY Blanket Ladder Tutorial

Making my own blanket ladder has been on my list of must do’s for a long time. I thought behind the chair in my bedroom would be a perfect place for one. I even bought a blanket for it at IKEA months ago and two hanging planters from Jysk for the wall beside where I want the ladder to go.

Now that I have finally finished my reclaimed shelves (check the shelves out here), I can move on to some other projects. This one was pretty quick, the longest part was waiting for the stain to dry.

Blanket Ladder Tutorial

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What you need to build your own blanket ladder:

Let’s get started…

1- The first thing you will want to do is measure and cut your lumber. My ladder is 5’ high and the rungs are 14” long. I measured and marked off all the cuts on to the lumber then made all the cuts with a miter saw. I think I can officially cross, getting comfortable with power tools, off my new year’s resolution list!

Once I cut all the pieces I cut the feet of the ladder at a 10° angle, to make leaning it against the wall a little sturdier. This is where a miter saw comes in real handy.

2 – The next thing I did was sand all the pieces down to make sure I had a nice smooth finish. I used a palm sander with a 220 grit as the wood was pretty smooth to begin with.

3 – I stained all the pieces before assembly, just so there wouldn’t be any spots that got missed or any drips while I was trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I used Minwax in Espresso.

We bought this for the dining room table we’re making, so I thought it would be a great chance to try it out and see what it looks like. Glad I did! I don’t think I like it for our table, I think it’s going to be way too dark. 

4 – Given how dark the wood was after just one coat of stain, I didn’t apply a second. I wasn’t super happy with the colour so I decided to seal it with shellac to hopefully add a little warmth with the yellow tones. In the end, I was happy with how the colour turned out.

5 – Now I had to figure out where I wanted the rungs placed. Given that half of the ladder would be behind a chair and I wanted to see at least two blankets I decided to place the first rung at 6” down from the top. Then I measured out 12 ½” between each rung. I marked out all the spots and pre-drilled the holes on the sides and the rungs.

6 – Finally you’ll screw everything together. I wanted black screws so they would look more decorative and blend in. I didn’t have any so I just spray painted some, but you can totally buy black screws or even nice decorative ones.

Black Screws
Not a very clear image but this is what the black screws look like on the finished piece.

I layed out all my pieces and gently screwed everything. Once everything was together I straightened out all the rungs and tightened the screws.

Partially Assembled Ladder
The partially assembled ladder.

Voilà, you have a blanket ladder! This is an easy peasy project, you should totally try! If you do add a picture in the comments, I totally want to see how yours turned out!

I’ve got a couple projects on the go now, a frame for a vintage tin ceiling tile and some tobacco baskets (Update: A tobacco basket).

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