Upcycled Vintage Tin Ceiling Tile

Hi there!
You guys! I absolutely love love love this upcycled vintage tin ceiling tile wall decor. As per usual Jay found the ceiling tile at a demo removal job, score! I was really upset when I found out there were more but the general contractor doing the remodel took the others 😭

vintage, ceiling tile, upcycled, home decore
This is the tile before I got my hands on it!

I am thankful for having one full tile and a few smaller pieces that I can do a few other projects with. The first project I wanted to tackle was framing the full 2’x2’ tile.

I had to clean the tile up quite a bit, it’s about a hundred years old so it was full of dust, dirt, grime, and layers of led paint. I chipped away all the loose paint and then lightly sanded the paint, with a mask on of course! Then I washed the whole thing down, talk about disgusting!

vintage, ceiling tile, upcycled, home decor
The tile after some clean up. Some more paint did end up coming off while attaching the frame.

Next was to cut the pieces of the frame. I used a 2”x1”x12’ to make the frame. I did 45Β° cuts with the inside edges at 2’.

I decided to stain the pieces before assembling the frame. I did two coats of Minwax Espresso, with a light hand sand with a 220 grit sandpaper between coats. Then I did two coats of shellac with a sand in between.

The hardest part of this project was assembling the frame. We don’t have any large clamps so I just glued the joints and once dry I tapped a finishing nail into each corner. This didn’t end up holding very well so I screwed a corner brace on each corner to keep the frame together.

Upcycled Vintage Tin Ceiling Tile

Now I attached the tile to the back of the frame with a few screws. Then I backed it with some landscape fabric because there were some sharp pieces on the back of the tile that I didn’t want to damage the walls.

I used large Command picture hanging strips to hang this beauty on the big wall on the landing heading down to our main floor.

vintage, ceiling tile, upcycled, home decor
The final product, framed and mounted!

Now I just need a nice tall plant for the corner to finish the landing off. I think I can actually hear Jay’s eyes rolling πŸ˜‚

Hopefully I’ll soon have some more posts up about what IΒ  have been working on the last few weeks. I’ve been so busy making I haven’t had time to stop and write about it. I semi-successfully made a tobacco basket, finished off the shelf I was refinishing for the kitchen, I attempted weaving, I switched up my Kokedama balls, added some plants to the family, made a wreath, added a new display feature to the kitchen and finally have gotten around to staining the dining room table. Wow, I didn’t realize how much I have been doing! Maybe it’s time for a little break from making so I can get blogging!

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