Repurposed Piano Lid

Sorry it’s been so long! I’ve been dealing with personal health issues and my grandma was recently diagnosed with end stage brain cancer. It’s been a trying several weeks.

I haven’t had much DIY time but I have a few projects that I completed before all heck broke loose that I haven’t posted about yet, so I just need to get writing!

Way back last summer Jay brought home a studio piano that had been stripped of its keys and cords but it had great wood to salvage. The first project I wanted to do with the wood was to paint the lid from the top of the upright and make a shelf. We have this awkward little alcove nook space in our kitchen that we have placed an IKEA kitchen sideboard in, to extend out counter space in our tiny galley kitchen.

Jay was already doing some painting so I asked him to give it a first coat. Unbeknownst to me, the piano was made of mahogany, so there was pink bleed through. This was the first time I had experienced bleed through, so I had no idea what to do. Instead of heading to Google for a solution I put the lid back in the garage, until a few months ago.

Primer coat
The shelf after the primer coat.

I had lots of chalk paint left over from my stool makeover and wondered if it would cover the bleed through. This time I did do a Google search and found out chalk paint wouldn’t cover the bleed through. What I did find out was that I would have to coat the shelf with shellac.

After a trip to the hardware store, I did two coats of shellac, three coats of Rustoleum Chalked in Linen White and two coats of a satin polycrylic. I thought I was done…

Turns out on the last coat I had some drips on the backside, which just happened to be the front of the shelf (of course), that I didn’t see. I had to sand it down and ended up having to do another coat of chalk paint and two more layers of polycrylic.

With the shelf done I had to decide how to mount it. I wanted to use something rustic so I went with iron pipe. Home Depot didn’t have a long enough piece of pipe so I used a short pipe, an even tinier pipe (it was just a completely threaded piece), an elbow joint and floor flange at each end.

Once mounted, I decorated the heck out of it! I may have gone overboard, what do you think? I moved my tobacco basket onto the shelf, I wasn’t digging how it looked with the flowers hanging on the wall. I find its wonkiness is a little less noticeable over here!

The mounted shelf
My repurposed piano lid turned shelf.

Here are some close ups of the knick-knacks I used to decorate my shelf. The cute white water pitcher and tea pot were Winners finds! You can’t really see all the colours of the glass vases but I have a dark green one that I got from my Grandma Betty when she passed, I dark blue one from IKEA, the white and light blue one are from Dollarama and I’m not sure where I got the clear one from. I found the cute little honeycomb trivet at Walmart. My little cutting board collection is from Dollarama and Value Village. The decorative balls I had from who knows where. I threw a serving bowl up there to try and balance out the sides. The mini French Press was a birthday gift from my friend Natasha. I managed to sneak in my thrift store drawing and what shelf is complete without a plant!

I’m happy with how it turned out and nothing makes me happier that repurposing something destined for the garage dump.

Kitchen Nook
Here’s a look at my weird little nook. I am slowly trying to clean up the mess on the sideboard.

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