Shopping, plants, crafts and more…

Yesterday was a busy day! I started with a job interview, I’m looking for something part-time, 40 hours a week behind a desk is killing me! Then I did a little shopping, then a little planting, a little crafting and a bit of MacGyvering!!

I visited my local Michael’s and there were some great sales on their summer stock. Obviously, I couldn’t help but check out the pots and I found a cute pink geometric pot and a hanging terra cotta pot.

Pink geometric pot from Michael’s.

While I was meandering around I came across a clearance section that was 80% off! I made the most amazing find, a gorgeous glass lantern, that can be used as a terrarium or a little greenhouse. This lantern was regular price $69.99, I picked it up for $13.99! AH-MAZING!!

I can’t wait to get some plants in here!

After I finished at Michael’s I headed to the Super Store garden centre next door. I found a cute little Irish Moss for the hanging terra cotta pot I bought and an Angelina Stonecrop (? I don’t know that is, I just thought it would look cute) for a hurricane candle holder. I couldn’t find anything small enough for the geometric pot, I guess that means another trip for plants!

It was pretty hot out so I didn’t want to leave the plants in the car, so I headed straight home to get them potted. I also had some zz plant cuttings that were ready for planting.
I went for the Irish Moss first. There is this random nail sticking out of the siding at our front door, under the light and it’s been calling for me to hang something on it for the last six years lol! I thought the hanging pot and the moss would look cute.

Next I planted the Angelina Stonecrop into one of the two hurricane candle holders my mom bought me. They totally weren’t my style and for the longest time I had no idea how I could incorporate them into my decor, then one day it dawned on me that I could put plants in them! With one full I just need a string of pearls for the other. That is a plant, not an actual string of pearls, for my non-plant friends.

I’m hoping the Angelina Stonecrop will hang over the edge with some growth.

For the zz cuttings all I had was an ugly tin pot that had one coat of white paint, not enough to make it nice looking. I busted out my acrylics and got to work.

I had recently been searching Pinterest for some inspiration for painting a rope basket and came across a cute geometric pattern by Gemma Patford that I thought would look nice on this little pot. Check out the pattern on Gemma Patford’s IG account.
I freehanded my shapes so the lines aren’t crisp but I still like how the colours and shapes all came together.

While I was at it I decided to try planting a cutting I made from a begonia my mom gave me after she over watered it and rotted the roots and bottom of the stems. I’m not sure I’ll be able to save this one but it’s worth a shot.

New plants and pots usually means I have to do some rearranging on my shelves. In this case I guess I didn’t have to but I ended up doing it anyway! I really wanted to get the lantern on my shelves but it’s a little too big, I think it will have to go into the dining room, if that ever gets done!

After school pick up, dinner and soccer practice I wanted to have a look at the new industrial pendant light I just ordered from Amazon, to see how I could get it to work with my existing light fixture. Just a little Dremeling! I’ll show you more later, I’m going to do a reveal post for it. I can’t wait to get started on it.

This all brought me to bedtime and it’s today it’s raining so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get started on my pendant light project, maybe if I can get Jay out of the garage.

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