ZZ’s New Home

Well, I’m going to say my stairwell landing and my DIY vintage ceiling tile wall hanging certainly look better with a plant. With my new fiddle leaf fig tree taking over my ZZ’s corner, this guy needed a new home.

My new fiddle leaf fig tree in ZZ’s corner.

Once I had mounted my vintage ceiling tile I knew I wanted a large plant here but there is absolutely no natural light in the stairwell and I thought adding a skylight might be a tad extreme just so I could have a plant in the corner.

My landing looking bare with only my vintage ceiling tile wall hanging.

When I brought home my fiddle leaf fig tree I knew there was only one place to put it, in ZZ’s corner. This is the only place in the house that gets enough bright indirect sunlight and is large enough to accommodate her size.

Moving ZZ was big for me, I love him, I have had him for almost 11 years. I bought him at IKEA when he was just a tiny baby and only cost me $5. He has grown from a tiny 8” plant to a massive 4’ tall plant. I have had to smash several planters to get his root ball out. I love looking at him everyday and watching his growth. Also, I absolutely love his pot! It took me ages to find exactly what I wanted for him and what is to be his last home.

ZZ in his corner before I brought Fiddle home.

Once Fiddle took over his corner I start wracking my brain to figure out where I was going to put him. He’s massive, unlike our house! Then I thought, ZZ is probably the only plant in my collection that could survive in the dark corner of my stairwell. I was worried he’d be too big and not tall enough to make a statement with the vintage ceiling tile.

I lugged him up there (between him and his giant terra cotta pot they must weigh almost 100 pounds) and he was certainly too wide for the landing. I had to put a few stakes in and tie him up so we can still get up and down the stairs!

He looks fabulous in his new corner and I will certainly see him everyday; this is the view from the loo!

The view from the loo!

I’m sure he will grow a little taller and look even better with the ceiling tile, but I think it will be a while, now that he’s in the dark.

ZZ enjoying his new corner.

Sorry for all the dark and grainy photos, there is literally no light here!!

I am done my industrial pendant light, the reveal is coming soon! I have got it all done and rearranged my living room. Now I just need some good lighting for some pictures.

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