DIY Side Table

Hi there!

So with the completion of my industrial pendant light I needed to move the side table to the other side of the couch to free up space for the floor lamp. I could have just moved the one we had but why would I do the easiest thing!!

I had an idea for a new side table. Last weekend we had a garage sale and we had a little table that didn’t sell. I measured it and it was far to big for the space. Then I remembered that we had a set folding legs that didn’t sell either. I am guessing the legs came from a serving tray of some kind, and they were just the right size. We didn’t have the top for it so I figured I would head to our local Salvation Army and find something I could use.

The folding table legs just looking for a top!

I found this perfect wood mounted picture for $5.99, along with $74 worth of other decor and makeover projects! Wow that was an expensive thrift store trip! I’ll share all my finds in another post.

This is the picture I found:

My new table top before.

It’s all wood, perfect for a tabletop. I had to trim the edges of the wood on the top of the legs, where this picture will sit, just slightly, so they would fit inside the frame on the back of the tabletop.

This is the back of the picture. A little trim of the legs and they fit perfectly in the frame.

With the placement of the legs marked off and the wood on top of the legs trimmed I got started painting. I did three coats of Rustoleum Chalked in Linen White followed by two coats of Minwax Crystal Clear Polycyclic to protect the table from any water spills, which is likely with a fish tank and some plants!

To attach the legs I just used no more nails. I hoped the weight of the fish tank would be enough to keep the top on. Really, the wood on both the top and legs was very thin and I figured if I tried to use nails or screws, they’d go right through. So far, so good!!

The finished table in its new home.

I hope you enjoyed my little DIY. Remember, to see the possibilities in everything, tap into your creativity!

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead but I will try to get a post up soon on all my thrift store finds.

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