Amazing Thrift Store Finds

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So I promised a post on what I spent $74 on at Salvation Army, here it is. I know, I was just as surprised as you are now, who spends that much at a second hand store, 🙋 right here!

As you know I went to Salvation Army to find something that I could use as a table top for my folding legs. Which I found for $5.99, and made this great side table.

B&A Side Table

The other $74 was mostly these lamps. The lamps were $14.99 each and yes, they’re hideous but perfect for a makeover! We have these tiny little IKEA lamps on our nightstands and I wanted something more substantial. I think these will be perfect once they’re painted and have new shades.

Thrift Store Lamps
My $14.99 (each) thrift store lamps. Pardon my garage mess!!

I also bought a great collection of candle holders. I really only needed one but they were so nice I couldn’t leave them, or decide which one I wanted! My candle holder collection started with my set of three flameless candles. I bought a beautiful blue candle holder made by a wonderful local potter, Jocelyn Jenkins. Which meant I needed two more and I wanted them all to be unique. I picked up one at Walmart on clearance a while back. On this day there were four fabulous candle holders and I just couldn’t pick one. They also had 2 more flameless candles, it was a sign, I was meant to buy them all!!!

Candle Holder Collection
My beautiful collection of candle holders! Who knew you could love candle holders!!

I don’t know why, but I also bought a pair of metal peacocks. I’m not sure what their actual purpose is but I thought they’d be cute on my shelves with my plants. I think they fit in, how about you?

Metal Peacocks
My peacocks fitting right in among my plants.

I also bought a horse head sculpture (again, I don’t know why…impulse control issues?!) and a wooden plate plaque thing I thought I could hang on my display in the kitchen. Which reminds me, I never did a post on my kitchen display. 🤦 Also, I can’t show you a picture of these two as they are currently buried in my garage awaiting paint. If you scroll up and have a look at the picture of my lamps, you’ll understand!

Finally I bought this beautiful painting of an old house for $15.99. I know there is nothing special about it, but it was one of those things that just spoke to me. I tried to put it back, but I walked by it again and it just called to me, I had to bring it home. Now with our new duvet cover (thanks mom),  it just so happens that it matches the colours of my bedroom, greys and blues. I think this might be the piece that will hang above the bed.

Thrift Store Painting
This painting just spoke to me, maybe because I would love to own a beautiful house just like this.

This brings me to $74! I don’t think I have ever had so much luck at the second hand store. I usually hit Value Village because the store is ginormous, but I usually only leave with one or two things. I think Salvation Army is my new go to.

Don’t be afraid to decorate your home with thrift store items. Just because someone else had no use for something anymore doesn’t mean it has no life left in it!

Check back soon to see the lamp makeover, I’ve already started.

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