Our DIY Farmhouse Table

Hi there!
Wow, so much had been happening so quickly that I can’t keep up. If you follow me on IG you know what’s up. I finally finished my dining room table!!!!! You have no idea how good it feels to write that.

This table has been such a journey. Jay got these two long 3” thick beams out of an old building, from a demo job and we were try to decide how we could use them. I had been getting so sick and tired of our dining room table because it was way too big for our tiny house. Tip, never eyeball furniture size, measure it to make sure it’s going to fit. The purchase of this table also fell into the time period when Jay and I couldn’t agree on anything and it was the only one we both liked. With all that in mind I said, let’s make a table, and he went for it!

The beams were extremely old and had some rot and damage, the first thing Jay did was cut all the bad pieces off and this gave us our table size. Our first hurdle was that once all the bad was cut off, we didn’t have enough for three planks, what we needed for the width. We went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore store, in hopes that we would find another 3” thick piece, no such luck. We decided to just buy three pine planks and glue them together.

Next, a lot of planing and sanding occurred. Jay then glued the pine planks together and once they were dry, we glued and screwed the three planks together. Then the table top sat on my floor for weeks and weeks and weeks. This was really my fault I guess, I didn’t ask for it to be moved to the garage?!

Table Top Clamped
The table top glued, screwed and clamped. Don’t mind the dog legs, thanks Sasha!

I finally asked and it was moved. Now we just needed to decide on a colour. When I could finally convince Jay to come and look at stain colours, obviously we couldn’t agree! so we went with my choice, Minwax Espresso.

Before I started staining the table I made a blanket ladder and decided to use our stain to see what it would look like on the pine. Well, let’s just say, we headed back to Home Depot for something a little lighter! We had chosen Minwax Espresso, which is dark yes, but the two outside planks were already much darker than the pine, so I thought it would be too much for them. We ended up picking out a light walnut Danish Oil.

When I finally got to staining the table, the Danish Oil was perfect on the old planks, and did virtually nothing to the pine. Back to Home Depot for a darker Danish Oil. This time I got a dark walnut. I applied several coats of this to just the pine plank and it still wasn’t dark enough!

Then I did something that goes against everything I read online, I put stain on top of the Danish Oil. Surprisingly, it worked fine and none of the horrible things these experienced woodworkers said would happen. So, I did one coat using our Minwax Espresso stain and it was almost there. I was worried about doing another coat of the espresso and I wanted to add some character to the pine piece, as it had nothing going for it compared to the two outside planks. I then used some antiquing wax to darken up some areas and add a little depth to the plank. Well it darkened the piece enough but with virtually no wood grain it was hard to add that character.

I stopped here with the staining as the pine was as close as I thought I could get, without losing my mind! With the piece being one that was going to get heavy use, I did four coats of Minwax Crystal Clear Polycrylic. After all this, I needed a break from the table, it was slightly frustrating! I guess I was so frustrated I didn’t even take any pictures of the process!

While on my table break, I started looking for some table legs, on the cheap. What I wanted was some beautifully detailed legs, so I turned to Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace to find someone selling an old table with great legs for a reasonable price, less than $50 bucks. This turned out to be harder than I thought. Everything I liked was an hour or more away so they were no goes or the table already sold and the ad just happened to still be up.

So, I turned to Pinterest for plans for farmhouse inspired table legs. There was no shortage of ideas, but everything I showed Jay, (because he would be building them) he said was too hard. So, I pinned a bunch of ideas and started looking for unique chairs. On Kijiji and Facebook.

I found someone selling a country kitchen inspired table and chairs set. I scooped them up for $35 bucks, score! More on the chairs when I do my dining room reveal. Then I had some other projects on the go, like my reclaimed shelves, my kitchen shelf, my tobacco basket, and my vintage ceiling tile.
I was finally determined to get the legs done. I had agreed to just do a simple straight leg (vomit) because that’s what Jay was comfortable with. I asked Jay to give me a hand one day because he unexpectedly had the day off, he didn’t take kindly to my request. He told me it was my project and to do it myself. Challenge accepted!

Since I absolutely despised the idea of straight legs and I had to do them myself, I pulled up the easiest tutorial I could find on Pintrest, ‘X Brace Farmhouse Table’ by Cherished Bliss. It was perfect for me and I already had all the materials needed. I followed it, except for the bar in the middle. Our table is pretty small so it didn’t need the extra support.

I had a bit of trouble with the angles. I think our miter saw was off a bit, so there was a bit of extra cutting and sanding to get everything to fit and one side totally doesn’t line up, but I’m sure if I don’t tell anyone, they won’t notice!

Assembled Legs
The legs all assembled.

Once assembled I had to use a ton of wood filler in the center because the 4x4s have rounded edges and the cuts had straight edges, so they left big gaps where they met. If you look close in the above picture you can kind of see what I mean. I sanded and slathered on three coats of Rustoleum Chalked in Linen White followed by some sanding for a rustic look, then three coats of Minwax Crystal Clear Polycrylic.


Finally, I attached the legs to the top and it was DONE!! Woohoo!!! Happy dance!!

Completed Table
A little sneak peek of what’s to come in the dining room.

I don’t want to give too much of the dining room makeover away so this is all I’m going to show you for now. I think I am going to do some little short posts on all the elements of the makeover and then a reveal.

I hope you enjoy!

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