Our Dining Room Bench

Hi there!

The next piece for the dining room is this beautiful bench to go with our DIY farmhouse table.

Lottie Wingback Bench
My beautiful new dining bench!

This bench was totally Pinterest inspired by this pin. I fell in love with the mix of farmhouse and elegance. As soon as I saw this picture I knew I wanted a tall wing-back bench in the dining room, and so started the search.

I checked Wayfair and they had some beautiful benches but they were way out of my budget. I checked Home Depot, Lowe’s, Canadian Tire, and then found the Lottie Wing-back Bench at The Brick. It was on sale and I scooped it up right away.

This bench has been in my basement, unassembled since December, just waiting for the dining room table to be finished. So last week as soon as we got our old table and chairs moved to my parents basement (thanks Mom), I had the bench assembled in no time!

Back when we started building the table and I thought it would be a quick project, I also started scouring Kijiji for kitchen table chairs. I came across a table and chairs set that had a cute country kitchen feel. The whole set has also been in my basement for several months!

Kitchen Chairs
These are the chairs that I bought back in the winter. I was going to paint them white. Another Sasha appearance!

Once the bench was assembled I excitedly brought two of the chairs up and they didn’t fit between the legs. I was so disappointed, mostly because it meant I would have to start a new search.

I immediately had an idea, these super trendy metal chairs you see everywhere now.

Metal Chairs
These were my first thought to replace the chairs that didn’t fit.

They happen to sell them at my local Jysk store at a very reasonable price, $49.99 and they were on sale for $39.99. I headed over right away to measure them, and of course, they also wouldn’t fit! I measured every single chair and none would fit! Then I remembered that we had some old IKEA chairs in the basement. We actually tried to sell them at a garage sale a few weeks ago.

I tested them out and they were a perfect fit! Now they aren’t pretty and I will have to dress them up a bit with some cushions but they fit and they match my next piece of furniture for the dining room. Check back to find out what it is!!

Bench & Chairs
The bench and chairs with our new table.

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