Our Dining Room Buffet

Hi there!
The next piece I wanted for our dining room was a buffet table. I wanted somewhere to hide all our garbage that we had in our rolling storage cart. We first got the cart when the kids were little, for craft supplies. I haven’t gone through the cart yet but I’m sure I can purge a bunch of stuff. The kids are older now and don’t use most of the things in there.

This is what was sitting right next to our dining room table before.

My plan is to get some small storage containers for anything we’ll keep and they can go in the buffet. I’m betting no one will ever use anything, they’ll just miss their dumping zone!

Just like the bench and chairs, I started looking in the winter because I thought the table would be ready. I didn’t want something new, I was hoping to find something old that I could refinish, so I searched Kijiji and came across the most beautiful buffet and it was just a couple streets away!

When I saw the pictures I thought I would definitely be painting it, it was black and I thought it would be too dark for the room. Once we picked it up I wasn’t so sure, the buffet had just the right amount of distressing and looked pretty good the way it was. I still wasn’t sure about black though, I wanted to keep the room light. I decided to wait until the room was all together before making a colour decision.

I’m glad I waited, I absolutely love how it looks in the room and the black IKEA chairs match!


Next up is lighting, check back soon to see what I went with.

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