Our Dining Room Chandelier

Hi there!
Next up in our dining room makeover is lighting. We have lovely builder grade flush mounts throughout the house, except the hideous track lighting in the kitchen, but that’s another story.

Flush Mount
This is one of our many builder grade flush mount lights.

I had been scouring Pinterest forever for lighting inspiration and searching Wayfair to find just the right look for our dining room. I had my eye on this guy from Wayfair for a long time, but I was sure that Jay would hate it and that he’d kill me once he found out the price.

Wayfair Light
This is the light I wanted for the dining room, but I knew there was no way it would fly with Jay!

So, I went back to Pinterest and started searching DIY Chandeliers and there were a bunch of tutorials for Orb Chandeliers, which I had had my eye on during my searching. I had most of the things needed to make the orb already, except a chandelier. I figured, no biggie, I’ll pick one up at Salvation Army or Value Village. Then in dawned on me that we had an small chandelier that we bought years ago for our old condo.

We had flipped our condo, and the light was the last thing we had to change. By the time we got there we were DONE with the reno. There was nothing wrong with the ceiling fan we were going to replace, so it stayed. I later brought it up to our trailer to replace the old 80s pendant light in the dining area but Jay never wanted to change it because “we were there to relax, not work”. We sold our trailer a few weeks ago so the chandelier came home when we emptied it out. We even put it out for a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t sell, thank goodness!

I dug the box out of the garage and took out the chandelier to see the size so I could start assembling the orb. When I took it out I thought it might be to big, then I wondered what colour I should paint it. Then on a whim I put it together to see what it actually looked like, and I kinda liked it, just the way it was. It was small and had a little bit of elegance, just enough to balance out the rustic.

New Chandelier
Here’s the new chandelier mounted. Nothing special, but perfect for our small space.

I brought over my favourite electrician, my Dad, and he switched out our ugly old flush mount for our new shaded chandelier. I debated changing the colour but decided for once just to leave it as is, I don’t always need to make more work for myself!

Chandelier with Table
Here’s what it looks like with our table and wing-back bench.

I promise the table and bench are centered under the light now!! I think it’s just the right amount of purdy for the room.

Next I’ll be tackling the wall behind the bench.

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