Vintage Window Frame

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About four years ago I asked for random picture frames for Christmas. I wanted to make a gallery wall in our dining room. I had those frames for about a year before I printed pictures for them. Then I knew I wanted a different dining set so I didn’t want to put anything on the wall until I knew the placement of the furniture. Now we have our new furniture and everything is in place but I think I am going to have to find another place for my gallery wall.

Again, without asking for measurements, you would think I would learn from my mistakes by now, I bought this absolutely gorgeous wood frame window for our bedroom. Guess what, it was mammoth and there was absolutely no way it was going to fit above our headboard.

Pressure washed frame
The good side of the frame after pressure washing.

It was so nice I had to use it somewhere, so I pressure washed the heck out of it, in an attempt to remove the awful shade of chipped red paint. I was able to remove some but not all the paint, so I sanded everything down and was able to get one side free of paint and it was even more stunning. The colour of the bare wood was gorgeous. It’s a mix of sun bleached and weathered grey with little bits of red.

Mounted Frame
The frame pressure washed, sanded and mounted. I love the colour.

The space between the bench and the ceiling in the dining room was just right for this beautiful window frame.

I’m glad now I didn’t ask for measurements, I may not have bought the window frame. This piece was the perfect touch for the dining room.

Frame in Dining Room
Here’s the frame above the bench.

I have one last element for the dining room before I show you everything all put together.

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