Bar Cart Makeover

Hi there!
The last element of our dining room makeover is a bar cart. Now it’s not like we need a bar cart, neither one of us drinks very much but since I got my beautiful plant stand in my bedroom, I had an extra plant stand.

Antique Plant Stand
This is my beautiful antique plant stand I found on Kijiji.

My old plant stand used to be an Aquafina display stand from a corner store. Jay picked up the stand on a metal recycling run one day and I saw it in his trailer and thought, plant stand. This is when my plant obsession began.  

The stand used to be shaped like a bottle, until I had Jay cut the top off. It then became my first plant stand. Here it is when I had it in my bedroom.

Old Plant Stand
This is my old plant stand at the beginning of my plant addiction. Six of the seven plants are still alive!

So now that I had a beautiful antique plant stand in its place, this guy had been relegated to the garage. I had been hoping that I would be able to get it into the dining room but wanted to wait and see if it would fit without looking too cluttered.

I knew I wanted it in the corner, so, once the buffet was in place I tested it out. The buffet ended up being a little bigger than I thought. I was hoping to have room to fit the plant stand in the corner and a large houseplant to the left of the buffet so you would be welcomed to a lovely plant when you came in the front door, but no such luck. The stand fit in the corner and I figured Jay would be less receptive to another plant.

Once I knew it fit, I broke out the gold spray paint, Rustoleum Pure Gold. I couldn’t resist some gold accents in the room. It took a bottle and a bit but it looks fabulous! I was a little worried that it would be too much gold, but I think it’s just the right amount.

Bar Cart
My new bar cart, isn’t it fabulous!

I need to add some more bar cart accessories, I’m not sure what exactly, but I’m sure I can find something at Winners or Marshalls. I would like to add a wine rack to the bottom shelf so that Baileys doesn’t look so lonely! 😂 I have two old wine racks, hopefully I can cut one down and fit it in there.  

That’s all the elements of the dining room, I’ll be posting a full reveal soon!

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