Dining Room Reveal

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Alright, so I have to write a dining room reveal post, but I’ve never written a room reveal post before, so I’m not sure where to start. I guess I’ll start with what led to the dining room makeover.

Back when we bought our house all we had was a tiny table and chairs set from IKEA. Now, I know our place is small but even this set looked too small for the space. We also wanted an adult looking dining room. We embarked on a search for the perfect table and chairs… nightmare! As you know, Jay and I rarely agree on style so that was the first hurdle, then everything was bar height and with two young children, this wouldn’t work for us. Jay has little patience for shopping, especially when we don’t agree, so when we found our old set and we both liked the look of it, we kinda forgot about its size. I mean we did see that it was big but we thought it would fit the space. Well, it fit in the space alright, it took up every square inch!

Dining Room Before
This is our old dining room table collecting junk and taking up the entire space.

As you can see the table was gigantic and way too big for four people, great for garbage collection! I eventually got so tired of the dumping zone and alway having to squeeze between the side table and chairs I started looking for a smaller set. Then Jay came home with the old beams from a downtown demo and we decided to build our own table. This is how the makeover started!

Once we started building the table I started finding all the pieces to bring the dining room together. I found the antique buffet on Kijiji, I bought the gorgeous Lottie Wingback Bench from The Brick and chairs on Facebook Marketplace. As we neared the end of the table I decided I wanted to use my old plant stand as a bar cart.

After the longest project in history (6 months) we finished the table and started to put it all together. With the old table and chairs gone I brought the bench up from the basement and assembled it. Then I brought up the chairs that I bought up but they didn’t fit! I had them for months and the didn’t fit! Well, I guess these things happen when you build your own table. I checked out our local Jysk store for some inexpensive chairs, but none would fit between the legs of the table. Then I remembered that we had old IKEA chairs, and they fit! The kids complained they were uncomfortable so they got some grey seat cushions from Walmart.

Then Jay helped me bring the buffet up out of the basement. I had a plant ready and waiting for it, along with the candle holders my mom bought me for Christmas, for the buffet (apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought the table would be built faster 😉). I also added the lamp from my grandparent’s house.

Dining Room Buffet
The gorgeous antique buffet I found on Kijiji.

With the key elements in, I tested out the plant stand an it fit perfectly in the corner. With a little bit of Rustoleum spray paint in Pure Gold, she was gorgeous and ready for the dining room. Funny I have all the glasses needed for a bar cart but none of the booze!

Bar Cart
My new bar cart, isn’t it fabulous!

Next we had to get rid of the builder grade flush mount and the chandelier I was trying to sell at a garage sale a few weeks ago became the perfect replacement!

Dining Room Chandelier
Our mini chandelier, perfect for our small space.

Lastly our massive focal point, our beautiful piece of art ended up being a wood window frame that I bought for our bedroom but it was way too big. Funny how things work out.

Mounted Frame
The frame pressure washed, sanded and mounted. I love the colour.

Everything came together perfectly! I am so happy with the results. Jay couldn’t understand how I was going to make the space look bigger by adding more furniture than we already had, but I did it!

The Finished Dining Room
Our finished dining room. I love it!

I hope you enjoyed our dining room makeover and feel inspired to makeover a room in your house.

Dining Room Before and After

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