DIY Cotton Cord Basket

Hi there!

While I was working on putting together the dining room I also made a little DIY Basket. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for or where, I do know that it was never going to be used as this blue bucket.

Blue Bucket Before
This bucket was so great but I couldn’t use it looking like that!

My kids had won a gift basket full of water toys and it came in this great blue soft-sided plastic bucket. We had been using it at our trailer to hold water toys, but since we sold the trailer and packed up the toys, I had a great, but ugly bucket. Makeover time!

What you need to turn a ugly bucket into a beautiful basket:

  • Old bucket
  • Macrame cord (I used 2 spools)
  • Jute
  • Old sheet or other fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Scissors

I started with the inside of the bucket. I used an old bed skirt to cover the inside. It had a nice grey pinstripe pattern that I used around the sides and I used a couple layers of the white portion that goes between the mattress and box spring for the bottom. I did the sides first, I used a bead of glue around the top and the bottom. Then I cut out several circles, glued them together then glued them to the bottom, covering up the end of the fabric from the sides.

The next thing I did was the handles. I did them now and not at the end because I figured that any loose ends could be covered by the wrap going around the basket. The first handle I did, did not go well. The coil around the handle wasn’t straight, it was leaning to one side so when I got to the other side it was all wrong. I ripped it off and started over, which was a pain because I had to use a ton of glue because it was all wonky. I figured it didn’t turn out because I started coiling at the very beginning of the handle, which was wider and angled. So the second time around I started after the wide part and just did the center part of the handle, then came back and did the two outsides. They still have a wonkyness to them but look 100% better than the first attempt.

Next came the body of the basket. I wanted to do a two-toned basket, I’ve seen quite a few around and liked the look. So I started at the bottom of the basket with some jute cord I had laying around. I coiled around the basket until I ran out. Then I switched to the macrame cord. I just coiled it around, using a little bit of glue every few inches, until I got to the top.

And viola, bucket to basket!

I still am not sure what I’ll use it for, maybe a plant or I was thinking a basket at the front door to collect hats and mitts, everything everyone usually throws on the floor! I’ll have to start tackling the entryway makeover before winter gets here!

Plant in Basket
Or maybe I’ll just put a plant in it…

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel inspired to make your own! If you do, post a pic below, I’d love to see it!

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P.S. Watch your fingers! I burnt myself so many times I’m surprised I still have fingerprints! Be safe out there!!

Before and After Cord Basket

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