Personal & Business Update

Hi there!

Well, first off, I should probably stick to my day job as I’m definitely not a very good blogger! It’s been ages since I last posted, sorry guys.

This year has been a struggle for me. As you may know, I was off on a medical leave for 17 weeks. This is how long it took to discover that my chronic fatigue was caused by ingredients in allergy medication. I have started immunotherapy in hopes that I won’t have to take allergy medication anymore. I am feeling much better than I was during the first half of the year, but I have really been struggling balancing work, family, making, blogging, and continued sleepiness.

When I went back to work I decided that 40 hours a week wasn’t working for me anymore. One week in and I quit my full-time job and started working part-time, in retail. Seems like a crazy move for most but I love being active while I work, not stuck behind a desk. It also gives me the flexibility to work on my schedule, which is really my kid’s schedules!

One of the main reason I wanted to work less was to be able to spend more time doing things I love, like creating! I love to make things but most of the time I have nowhere to put them, so why bother?! I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business selling my creations, so I could keep making things, but never knew where to start or what to make. I don’t really make a bunch of the same things, I usually see something beautiful on Pinterest and try to replicate it. I didn’t think this was a good way to start a business, selling random handmade items, so I put my thinking cap on and started brainstorming options.

Using the old adage, ‘keep it simple, stupid’, and my love of repurposing, I found the perfect idea, recycled bicycle inner tube products! How did I stumbled upon this idea you ask, keep reading to find out.

My husband is also a recycler by trade and partners with a local bicycle shop that strips used bicycles of their working parts and makes and repairs bicycles with the good parts. My husband recycles their unusable parts, but has never been able to find anywhere that recycles used inner tubes. Knowing the vision of the bike shop, my husband refused to throw the inner tubes in the garbage, so, we’ve amassed a rather large collection in our garage!

Seeing as I have a massive collection of raw material, it seemed like a perfect idea! I’ve started making jewelry and keychains, but I also plan to add other products in the future.

So, where is all this going, well, I just launched my Square Shop, Authentically Amy Designs! If you scroll up to the main menu bar you’ll see a Shop menu has been added. Click Shop and check out what I’ve made so far. I’ve loaded bracelets, earrings and keychains. I also have some necklaces that I need to photograph and load. I will also be selling some of my random decor items, I had to sneak them in somewhere!

Jewelry Display
Here are some of the bracelets and earrings I’ve made.

I am super excited about this opportunity, it brings together two things that I love, making and upcycling! I hope you find something you like. Please follow me on Instagram for new product updates and spread the word!

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