Retail Therapy

I spent a lovely day shopping with my mom yesterday. It was a much needed retail therapy day!

My cousin is getting married on Friday so I had to find a dress and shoes. What I learned on this shopping trip was to try on everything, whether you like it or not. I tried on everything that I really liked and found one I liked but they didn’t have my size anywhere in the city and I found one that was okay.

We went back to the racks and picked out everything I could find in my size and the employees kept bringing me anything and everything in my size. I narrowed it down to two lace dresses, which I loved and then ne of the sales ladies brought me a dress I didn’t like the look of, but I tried it anyway. That very last dress I tried on, that I absolutely did not like at all, was the one I ended up loving and buying! It is an off the shoulder bright royal blue knee length dress. Not sure if it is formal enough for a formal fall wedding but I look amazing in it so I don’t care! With a great pair of spanx and a gorgeous pair of earrings we went on a search for shoes.

I tried a bunch of silver shoes but I wasn’t finding anything that I really liked. I decided to try nude shoes, another thing I didn’t think I would like! I found the most comfortable pair of nude pumps at Payless for $25, score! Not a huge fan of the toe shape but I love how comfy they are.

My thrifty nude pumps. Hope they look good with blue.

With my outfit bought we decided we needed some fall tops. We headed to Winners where I found 5 new tops!! Mom didn’t have as much luck, only finding one top, so we headed to Marshalls. I found the cutest little booties, mom found a cute blue pair of loafers and another top. I’d say we had a successful shopping day.

Four of my new shirts. I’m wearing the fifth, a comfy cozy for lazy weekends!

It is amazing what a little retail therapy can do for your mood. I even went through my closet and finally purged clothes that I’ve have for 9+ years! I hate getting rid of anything but when there’s a layer of dust on top of them, it’s time to let go!

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