Fitness & Weight Loss Journey

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend and turkey dinners!

On this weekend of feasts I have decided to start a weight loss program, tomorrow! I must say I am totally nervous as I don’t do so well with workout and nutrition programs. I start and fail, start and fail.

Right when I was getting on track my allergies came back with full force and my chronic fatigue became worse and worse until I could no longer function. I lost two years of my life and am just getting back to feeling like I am alive.

I have for eight years struggled with my weight and it has taken a massive tole on my mental health. Not one single day goes by that my thoughts are not consumed with how I look, how much I weigh and what I put in my body. It has been extremely difficult to feel like one person but look like someone else, I’ve felt like I’ve been in another person’s body for eight years.

As I have watched myself eat worse, exercise less and gain more and more weight, I’ve decided I have to finally take the step and change my habits. I want to feel like I am in my own body again.

I am sure it will be a difficult journey for me but I am dedicated to seeing it through. I have signed up for a six week Fit for Fall weight loss program at 180° Fitness. It will finish right before my 37th birthday and I hope I will feel like me.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated on my progress, not just the good but also the ugly!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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