Diet & Exercise Update

So I am about a week and a half into my nutrition and exercise program and things are going great but it is a ton of work, especially for someone who’s not used to cooking.
First I had to go out and buy a bunch of veggies, some organic baking ingredients, and lean proteins like chicken, turkey and fish. They say to throw out all the bad processed stuff but their are other people in my house who refuse to change their diets with me so I have to have strong will power.
I have made roasted red pepper soup, turkey meatloaf (it was delicious btw), protein muffins, and tonnes of green smoothies, which I thought would be disgusting but are totally delicious!

My homemade, sugar free, roasted red pepper soup.

My healthy sweet potato protein muffins.

One thing that really helps keep me on track, besides my meal plan, is using the My Fitness Pal app to track my food. With the app I can be sure not to eat too many fats and keep track of my water intake, which I never get enough of.
Right now one thing I’m not liking is the class times, which are at either dinner time or 7pm. Seven doesn’t sound late but it’s too late for me, so, that means I miss dinner with the family. I think once my six week program is up, I may look for alternative gyms with more class times.
I have been eating clean, except for our designated cheat meals and working out at least three times a week. At my one week weigh in I have lost 5 pounds!
I am feeling kinda gross right now though. I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday and I may have overdone my cheat meal on Friday. I am also hoping the bloating is Aunt Flo!
I had so much going on this weekend that I just didn’t have time to get to the gym. Also, I still hurt from Thursday’s workout!
I do feel much healthier and am finding it easier to say no to junk!
On a DIY note, I started working in our front entryway. I have a little project I will post soon.
Have a happy Sunday All!
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