Making Dead Space Functional

After I finished the dining room makeover, I kind of took a little break from house decorating. But in the last few weeks I’ve been getting the itch. Maybe it’s the approaching cold weather that will have me hibernating for the next six months, but I’ve got to get decorating again.

One of the spaces I’ve wanted to make over is our entryway. It’s a tiny little spot that’s usually covered in shoes, boots and backpacks. I’m not a neat freak by any standard but I cannot stand the scattered shoes and bags when I walk in the door.

There is a little nook outside of the closet that currently has coat hooks and a shoe rack. All our shoes don’t fit on the rack and the jackets and sweaters always hang on top of the shoes. This is where I’d like to have a shoe cabinet. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in so I’d like to have it looking tidy.

On the other side of the closet is the door to our two piece bathroom. Then it’s our front door then the door to the garage. It’s a tiny little space with no where to put anything!

I had an idea to use the dead space behind the front door, next to the garage door for the coat hooks. This way I’m using space that was previously wasted and the messy looking hanging coats would be hidden when you first open the door.

I totally wanted to make my own as it would literally be staining a piece of wood and attaching hooks, however, hooks are damn expensive! There was a particular hook that I wanted and they were about $15-$25 each! Now I am all about DIY, but not when it’s going to cost me a small fortune.

One day I was browsing in Marshalls and I spotted a rustic plank with the hooks I have been looking for, for only $25. The cost of one hook, score! The only problem was the plank was about 20” too long for the small space behind the door.

When I thought of putting the hooks on the wall behind the door, I decided I wanted a row for coats and sweaters and one for backpacks and purses. This coat hanger was perfect, it was just long enough that I could cut it and have five hooks on top and three on the bottom, exactly what I wanted!!!

I got to work and cut the plank then sanded the cut edges. I used an antique stain to cover the raw edges, followed by a little bit of grey chalk paint, to match the the rest of the plank.

I hate drilling holes in my walls so I bought a 14 pack of large command strips and loaded those suckers up so nothing will bring them down (fingers crossed). Mounting things this way is such a stress and time saver. You just have to mark out and level where you want your decor to go and press it onto the wall.

Command stripped to the wazoo.

I’m one project down and three more to go before this space is done. I need a shoe cabinet and I want to paint and stencil the floor. I also want to add something to the closet doors to make them look a little less builder quality!

The hooks mounted behind the front door.

I’m very pleased with how the hooks fit behind the door. Now to repair the giant holes in the wall left behind from the old hooks.

Patchwork underway.

One project at time and I’ll get the entryway done.

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