Entryway Shoe Cabinet

I had quite a busy weekend considering I was planning on doing nothing! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

I finished the patch and painting of the holes from the old coat hooks. Of course the paint I bought didn’t quite match so I had to paint the whole wall instead of just the patch. I wish I had known it didn’t match before I started touching up other spots! I may have some other walls to paint!

I also finished another part of my entryway makeover. This is probably the part I have been most looking forward to, the shoe cabinet.

I had decided that I wasn’t going to try to make a shoe cabinet, as I had first planned. I couldn’t wrap my brain around cabinet doors, hinges and all that. My carpentry skills aren’t quite that good yet!

I had been searching Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji for something I could refinish, but I wasn’t finding anything I liked. I couldn’t find anything the width I needed from The Brick; you know I have that $1500 gift card I won in the #MyBrickHome contest. I searched Wayfair and everything was way too expensive. Then I thought I’d check Canadian Tire, I bought our TV cabinet their and loved it. I somehow accidentally clicked my way to a page that had two cabinets and found this beauty.

It was the perfect width, a little shorter than I would have liked, but just what I needed to get all those shoes out of sight! Plus, it was a great price!

I had to make a second shelf so the cabinet could hold all our shoes, but it was easy peasy. I bought a 12” x 30” pine plank and a can of black spray paint at Home Depot. All I had to do was to trace the adjustable shelf on to the pine plank, cut it out and spray it.

As you can see the cabinet has glass doors, and I certainly don’t want to see the shoes in there. Luckily, I had purchased a frosted glass decal for the glass doors on the TV cabinet but never got around to applying it. Thank goodness for procrastination!

With the decals applied and the shelves in place, I filled the cabinet with all the shoes [insert my happy dance]!! Taking down that crappy old shoe stand made me so happy I can’t even explain.

Now all I had to do was decorate the top of the cabinet. I had been wanting to make a rustic sign, and no better time than now to test out my new stencils. I think they turned out nicely.

The last two things I need to tackle are the floor and the closet doors. These will definitely be the most difficult projects. I’m also not quite sure how to paint a floor, especially as it’s the only easy way in and out of the house. I guess we’ll find out!

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