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Hi there!

I’m Amy, I am a thrifter, home decor DIYer, and plant lo️ving momma! I have an eclectic, rustic farmhouse style and I want to inspire you to ‘do it yourself’ and decorate your home with my tutorials and stories about my creations and visions for my home. I’ll probably also share my journey through life and motherhood along the way!

Authentically Amy, Family Picture,
Me and my three boys!

I have been creating, repurposing and refinishing furniture since my teenage years. My love for creating started in a high school hairdressing class of all places! My second year term project was to refinish a piece of furniture (because I did all the hairdressy things in my first year). This is when I realized how satisfying it is to create!! Since then, I will always try to create something I love rather than buy it. 



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Some of my repurposed and upcycled posts.

This blog started because I’ve been feeling unsatisfied with my day to day. I work full-time, I have two boys, and my husband runs his own business. Between work, homework, sports, and marketing for my hubby (well…kind of, I really have been slacking lately 😉), I haven’t been doing anything that feeds MY soul. I have always known DIYing is my passion and wanting to quit my full-time job to work with my husband part-time has been our goal. So what better than a blog to help me reach my goal by earning some extra money while doing something I love.

Authentically Amy was born!

I want to help inspire you to create, decorate and be authentically YOU!

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I hope you enjoy. Happy DIYing!

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